If you're still crying into your beer, or whatever you normally cry into on a Wednesday afternoon, look on the bright side..

If LeBron did get the continuation call on the missed desperation three, he would have received three free throws to force overtime. Given LeBron's less-than-stellar clutch free throw shooting (82games.com says 66% in the clutch), James only stood a 43% of hitting even two of the free throws, much less three straight.

In this case, or in the case that LeBron got the call before the shot (which was the Spurs strategy; foul before the shot goes up), the fate of the game would have relied on an intentionally missed free throw, a perfect bounce, and a tip-in by Andersen Varejao. Yup, the game was over before it was over.

While Bruce Bowen is licking the tears of your unbridled sadness, be thankful. Be thankful you aren't a Pacers fan. In between fan beatings, stripper shootings, and gimpy-kneed lottery picks, we have good ol' days like this to reminisce over...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks, assclown. Way to ruin my day.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
...I'm a Pacers fan. ....*sigh*