Greg Ostertag has meant so much to us and our site over the years, that I decided to look him up on YouTube. I expected the usual: 'Tag getting dunked on and posterized by various former and current players. And sure, I found plenty of that, but I also discovered a clip of Greg engaged in a heated ping pong match against a 5-year-old. You'll notice he displays the same level of focus and intensity that made him a listless bumblepuppy for 11 mostly forgettable NBA seasons.

If that clip didn't satisfy your desire to see Ostertag being emasculated, then here's a sick dunk thrown down on the big guy by Amare Stoudemire.

And if you want some old school embarrassment, here's 'Tag getting dunked on by Glenn Robinson in the 1994 NCAA Regional Semifinals.

Later in that same game, Robinson later proved that Greg is just like Lays potato can't dunk on him just once.

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Blogger Unknown said...
Now that is some classic footage, I am sorry...but I could not stop laughing at all great stuff! Classic and intense ping pong match to getting dunked on by the "Big Dog"! Great stuff!

Blogger Paul Niemeyer said...
This dunk from Big Dog Robinson is very big, one of the best i've seen for months

Blogger HLR said...
Just to balance all his "badness," you should find the clip of that time he hit a halfcourt three pointer at the halftime buzzer against Portland in 2002, which was probably the highlight of his career. I think it was 2002. Might have been 2001.

Anonymous Ping Pong said...
Wow that's great Basket ball but I am biased I liked the ping pong game because I love table tennis.