Shawn Bradley has now been retired for a year or two, and the thrill of being dunked on by every starter in the league taller than six-feet-seven is now a distant memory. He's a little bored. Which is why he is now a guidance counselor at a school in Salt Lake City! I won't even point out the irony in someone who has been schooled as often as Shawn Bradley is now teaching school. I guess I kinda did. Does anyone smell a sitcom?

No big hoopla or fanfare here. The Mormon Mantis approached the school administrator about employment much like how a 16-year old approaches the shift manager at Wendy's.

"I was talking to (the director) and said, 'I could use a job,' " Bradley said. "He said, 'Well, we could put you to work here.' "

"You're retired now. You need something to do. Why don't you come work with us?"

The executive director immediately noted the advantage of having such a frightening human around juvenile delinquents...

"Shawn has a great presence - due to his size - and has immediate credibility with the kids..everybody around here is still in awe at how tall Shawn is..."

A winning combination of rapport, freakish height and minor celebritydom has already made the Stormin' Mormon's teaching stint an unparalleled success. It's nice to see people finally looking forward to seeing Shawn Bradley.

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