Just when you think the latest Stephen Jackson saga can't get any stranger...it does. Apparently, the guy Jax got into a fight with was a mutant:
"Prosecutors said Jackson kicked a man who police said has a deformed arm. Jackson told police that the man, Quentin Willford, started the brawl."
I only wish I could say I don't believe it. But seriously, how does a wealthy professional athlete end up picking a fight with a dude who has a deformed arm? Did Jax drown any kittens on his way to the strip club? Maybe bitch slap a homeless guy? Imagine if you had a deformed arm. Imagine if you couldn't even talk to a woman without having to give your credit card number. Imagine if you went out for a little topless, heaving, grinding entertainment. Then imagine you get picked on by a psychotic basketball player. Now I can sort of understand why the guy ran Jackson over with his car.

Jax attack
Now you know what Jackson does before he heads out to the strip club.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Practicin' on kitties. Good man.