Shawn Kemp (the Tyrone Biggums of the NBA) was again arrested for drug possession during a routine traffic stop. Kemp later denied the charges, saying the dimebag found in his truck was "old" and "he didn't know it was there". The officer noted both a burning smell and "the munchies" on Kemp's person. Let's hope this doesn't slowdown his comeback.

Yao Ming is boycotting shark fin soup, claiming over 100 species of sharks are now endangered due to Chinese shark farming. Apparantly no one is concerned with the damage Panda Express is doing to the world's panda population.

Kenny Anderson, still unaware that his career ended in 2003, has been playing for Sarunas Marciulionis's basketball league in Lithuania since January. Apparently to avoid all those creepy little kids that insist on calling him "daddy".

The NBA continues to tinker with the playoff format. If it ain't broke, break it, then fix it.

The Pistons' Dale Davis was charged with assault and disorderly conduct at a Miami Beach hotel. Davis accused the officers of racial profiling. They agreed with him and shot him with a taser. Detroit still can't win in Miami.

The NBA is still paying the owners of the old 'Spirits of St Louis' ABA team! This will probably be known as the second worst contract in NBA history.