Want to make Dwight Howard scream like a 6'11", 265 pound little girl? Just take him on a rollercoaster ride.

Warning: Watching this video could do irreparable damage to your funny bone. Possible side-effects include painful side-stitches and uncontrollable flatulence. Please consult your physician before viewing it.

Some choice quotes for the video:

"Aw man, don't do it to me...NO, AW MAN...AAAHHHHHHHHH!!"

"Man, look how high we is. OOOOH, MAN...I can see my house over there!!"

"Aw man, stop playin'. We gonna go backwards!!"

A special thanks goes out to our good friend Reef for bringing this clip to our attention.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I found at least four instances in which that last quote would fit perfectly.

Very enjoyable.