Well, let's see. The Pacers officially began their summer vacation last night after I boldy predicted that they could win their series against the Nets. Then, this very week, strikes two and three came in the form of the following statements:

1. "I think [the Bulls will] push Miami to the full seven games."

2. "
You'll see God before you see the Suns win Game 6 in L.A."

Wow. I have officially invalidated everything I've ever said about anything. How did this happen? How could I be so wrong? I'll tell you: Shaq and Kobe both reverted to form. Shaq dominated the Bulls with 30 points and 20 rebounds, and when he plays like that, whatever team he's on is virtually unstoppable. Kobe dominated his defender with 50 points, but as was the case during the regular season (when he averaged 42 points a game against the Suns), the Lakers came up short. Although it's probably going to take a few weeks for Leandro Barbosa's eyebrows to grow back after that singing. Yeouch. The bottom line is, after my two failed predictions, I feel like...like a...


Exactly. Thanks for the help. Anyway, in order to prevent myself from saying anything else stupid, let's take a little road trip and see what the rest of the basketbloggers are saying.

Lowpost.net posted a "Super Friends Edition" of their NBA carnival, in which they equate fellow bloggers with the Superfriend of Legion of Doom member who best identifies them. We're Giganta, because we're "large and ineffective." Giganta?! Dudes, if you're going to describe us that way, couldn't we at least be Apache Chief? He was large and ineffective, and his power didn't involve growing a vagina that's 50 feet across. I'm just sayin'.

The Association rightly pointed out that Lebron's game-winning shot on Wednesday was due less to Lebron's greatness and more to the fact that the Wizards couldn't defend the hoop against my navel lint. Although, to be fair, my navel lint has mad game.

Since I can't recount the details of last night's Pacers loss -- the pain is still too near -- our buddies over at Golden State of Mind can do it for us.

CelticsBlog posted a passage from The Rivalry, which chronicals the rivalry between Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. I just finished that book myself, and it's a fascinating read. Not only does it provide a fantastic historical perspective of basketball in the 60s, it also highlights the differences and similarities between the players from the "Golden Age of Basketball" and the players of today.

Forum Blue & Gold posted a preview for Game 6 of the Suns/Lakers series. They were as wrong as we were, but they used a lot more words to do it, which makes us feel better in a completely idiotic way.

Blog-A-Bulls provide a season post-mortem that opens up with the following line: "Well the Bulls laid an absolute egg." That pretty much sums it up, but they have some more to say, and they also posted TNT's "Gone Fishin'" picture.

Yaysports thinks Tim Thomas is a jerkface. We may or may not feel the same about them, once our translators explain what they were trying to say about the Pacers.