Greg Ostertag may be gone, but he isn't forgotten. Okay, he's kind of forgotten. But not by this guy:

Tag collector
I know. The picture sort of says it all.

Apparently, this guy (hereafter referred to as Dorky Jazz Fan) "won" the Jazz Lockeroom Cleanout contest, which got him...everything in Greg Ostertag's locker. To translate this into redneck, it's kind of like winning a night out on the town with a professional wrestler, but instead of Trish Stratus you end up with the beanbag formerly known as Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. Or, to translate this into geek, it's like winning a limited edition Star Wars action figure only to find out it's Jabba the Hut's rat thing (whom, thanks to an astute reader, I now know to be named Salacious Crumb). Dorky Jazz Fan was so excited about his incredible good fortune, he posted the following message on a Jazz news group:
"I won the utah jazz locker room clean out, I won greg oster tagslockers. I have his shoes from the last game against the warriors, I have his last away game jersey from the last game with the spurs and the shorts. I have warm ups and shorts. I have a green robe that tag got when he first game to utah and wore after every shower up to the day of his retirment, this robe is green with ostertags 00 on it and the old school jazz logo."
I already know what you're thinking, and the answer is no: the robe isn't up for auction. DJF is only selling the shoes, Greg's practice jersey and shorts, some warm-up shirt and pants, and a shooting jersey. Just imagine what it would be like if you won any of these auctions. The up side is that Ostertag actually wore each and every one of these garments, so you might be able to scrape together some actual skin shavings, in case you want to assemble some kind of bizarre clone army. The down side would be that these are Greg Ostertag's clothes, and you will have paid actual money for them, thereby earning a first ballot induction into the Dorky Sports Fan Hall of Fame.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
So what? It's a free market he can sell them if he wants to.

Blogger greg said...
are you selling his jersey by chance