scrub game (skrub gam) noun. A game in which a team's bench players (the "scrubs") either start or play most of the game. This is typically done near the end of the season when the team's playoff seeding has been determined and the coach decides to rest the starters.

Usage example: The Bucks trounced the Pistons last night, but I wouldn't set too much stock in it. It was a scrub game.

Word Trivia: A scrub game may be meaningless to the championship contenders, but it's a godsend to the teams scrambling to improve their seeding or just make the playoffs. The Bulls and Lakers both clinched playoff berths on Sunday because key players on the opposing teams were either working a half day (Shaq and Dwayne Wade) or taking a full day off (Steve Nash and Raja Bell). Detroit gave Milwaukee a gift last night, helping the Bucks take the pole position in a tight 3-way tie for the 6th playoff spot in the East. Chances are, there'll be a few more scrub games in the next few days.

scrub game
When the Pistons are playing both Alex Acker and Kelvin Cato
(getting dunked on above), chances are it's a scrub game.
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i think you guys will be disappointed