It's official. Prairie View A&M is THE worst team in college basketball.

In a hotly contested finals matchup,
the A&M Panthers squeaked past the Morgan State Bears 54-56, effectively losing every matchup in the tournament and claiming the distinction of 2006 March Misery champions and, of course, the most inept team in Division I men's basketball. Morgan State came on strong, with 62% free throw shooting and even taking a 31-42 pounding on the boards, but couldn't help but lose to a Panthers squad that couldn't even muster a single player in double figures.

On the heels of the never-ending debate over dominant black athletes, I'd like to point out the irony of the two worst teams in college hoops being historically black colleges. "That's impossible!" says amateur genealogist Jimmy the Greek. But based on the "athleticism" we've seen from these teams, this matchup was probably the basketball equivalent of Al Roker and Uncle Phil blind-folded in a steel cage match.

And,to top it off, Prairie View is on the NCAA's shit list to lose scholarships due to poor academics. Now, I'm not a recruiting scientist or anything, but bringing in players that can't pass the rock or the SATs seems to be a recipe for disaster on many, many levels.

Prairie View fittingly caps off a 5-24 season (that included an unprecedented 72-point loss to Texas, a game described by some as "anal rape-ketball") by going 0-4 and shooting 34% against four teams that had a combined record of 20-98. It's a sad statement when the Panther's women's coach could easily beat these guys in 21. Or Horse. Or Hot-Shot Basketball. Or Lakers vs. Celtics.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
so according to you, these are the worst 2 college bball teams in college hoops...and it matters that they are "HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES" because? hmm, didnt think you had an answer for that one. what's the irony dummy? it's one college out of how freakin many in the nation, (let alone the world), the fact of the matter is just because a school is historically black doens't mean they will have an excellent basketball team you moron. Do you know the size or history of either school? Are either one of them historically an atheletic powerhouse? I'm pretty sure that neither is, and that's without looking it up. Just because they are black doesn't mean they're gonna be the best college bball team out there. What year are you living in man? If you take a look at their pasts, I'll bet my car neither one of these school's has had a record worth even mentioning in a long time. Not to mention the fact that these schools are both in small conferences with no big schools to content with. Basically, I'm ripping your article to pieces and there's nothing you can do about it. You're an idiot and you're showing that you don't know what you're talking about, but thanks, it makes things more fun for me! It's stupid people like you that make these unfair generalizations and such that make our world a pretty crappy place. SO congrats on yet another remark regarding race that you'll be hearing about. I could assume that you're remotely educated and intelligent considering that you're whiter than casper, but I've been wrong before. ;) Get a clue before you come out of your mouth with this dumb stuff. It's like saying some "white" school in Nebraska should've been winning every single NCAA Golf Championship for the past 15 years; times change champion, and it looks like its been runnin all over you.

Blogger Statbuster said...
Well...this is me. Would you care to restate your argument?