verbal flop (vur'-buhl flahp) noun. An exaggerated groan, scream, or cry of frustration that is emitted for the sole purpose of drawing a foul. Usually accompanied by a grimace of pain and anguish.

Usage example: Even though the defenders were either standing still or had a hand on the ball, Kobe was able to draw the foul with a verbal flop.

Word History: In Patrick Hruby's article The Art of the Flop, Dallas guard Jason Terry refers to Laker guard Kobe Bryant as a "verbal flopper, able to coax a call out of a single well-timed scream."

verbal flop
Eric Snow is standing still. Lebron has the ball.
But Kobe still draws the foul with a verbal flop.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
As we always say when we play pickup/rec league ball, just because you yell doesn't mean there was a foul.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That's definitely not LeBron in the headband.

Blogger Unknown said...
looks more like hughes?

Blogger Unknown said...
Flip Murray. Jeff Van Gundy made reference to the verbal flop on air earlier this year. I thought it was an original observation at the time.

Anonymous Gabriel said...
A foul wasn't even called on this play. Murray stole the ball and Kobe got a tech for whining.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
PAUL "I'm the best player in the world" Pierce is the grandmaster of all verbal flops -