sandbag (sand'bag) verb. sandbagged, sandbagging, sandbags. To downplay or misrepresent one's ability in a game or games in order to further one's own selfish goals (to force a trade, get a contract extension, and so on).

Usage example: Vince Carter was totally sandbagging until the Raptors traded him until New Jersey.

Word Miscellany: Has there ever been a more obvious and despicable case of
superdickery than what happened in Toronto last year? Vince Carter plunged his claws deep into the chest of his own team, ripped out the viscera, and feasted on its living heart. And that's not some cutsey metaphor; it actually happened. Before he was traded to the Nets, Vince was averaging 15 points a game on 40 percent shooting. After the trade? Almost 28 per on 46 percent shooting. His rebounding doubled and his assists went up by almost two per game. You know, sandbagging on defense is bad enough, but it's really bad when a basketball player doesn't even try on offense. To fulfill his dark pact with Satan, Carter even admitted he didn't always try hard when he was playing for the Raptors. I'm telling you, I haven't felt that betrayed by a professional athlete since the Macho Man slapped Hulk Hogan in the face, left him to face "Twin Towers" Akeem and the Big Boss Man alone, and then sneak-attacked him in the locker room after the match. You know, for example.

It would be more accurate if you
just exchanged the "n" with a "c".