double triple double (dub'-ul trip'-ul dub'-ul) noun. A feat in which a basketball player accumulates a number total of at least 20 in any three statistical categories during a single game.

Usage example: Wilt Chamberlain once had a double triple double. Freaking wow.

Word Trivia: Never heard of a double triple double before? It's no wonder, since only one player in NBA history has ever gotten one. And the player is none other than that statistical marvel Wilt Chamberlain. On February 2, 1968, The Stilt had 22 points, 25 rebounds, and 21 assists in a 131-121 Sixer win over the Pistons. The accomplishment isn't as crazy as it may seem. For the season, Wilt led the league in rebounds (23.8), was second in assists (8.6), and fifth in scoring (24.3). Looking back on it, you wonder whether he could have gotten a double triple double any time he wanted to.

Forget the 100 points. The Big Dipper's
double triple double was his greatest feat.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi and thanks for this page.

Wilt's feat is indeed amazing, and no wonder it has not been done by any other player.

And although he is "only" 4th in the ranking for "normal" triple doubles, it must be kept in mind that blocked shots were not officially counted until 1973, that is when Wilt retired.
Otherwise he would certainly lead that ranking too, with all due respect for Big O and Magic.

Yeah, he was that dominating, and I am sure "he could have gotten a double triple double any time he wanted to".

Anonymous Anonymous said...
rondo had 18-20-17 today, announcers said "only jason kidd has ever had 15-15-15" they suck.

would have been cool to see rondo do it though.