To the Chicago Bulls: When you're up by two points with under ten seconds to play, never, ever, EVER give up a three-point shot. That's Basketball 101, guys. (Coach Scott Skiles even said the Bulls work on these end-of-game scenarios four times a week.) I know Lebron James is a great player and everything, but 1. he didn't score in the last four minutes, 2. in that time he missed two free throws and two field goal attempts, and 3. even if he had scored on a drive to the basket, the worst case scenerio is that the game goes into overtime. If you guys really want to make the playoffs, you can't make these critical mistakes.

Bulls and Lebron
The Bulls were a little too in awe of Lebron.

To the Dallas Mavericks: You put forth a mighty effort and lost a tightly contested game on the road against one of the best teams of this era. But a quick perusal of the box score showed me that you only had 10 assists as a team (as opposed to 20 for the Spurs). Your starting point guard Jason Terry had only one. You were "led" by Jerry Stackhouse -- Jerry Stackhouse!! -- who only had two. Look, you've made great strides this year and are a legitimate championship contender. But you aren't going to beat the Spurs and Pistons of the world until you learn the importance of ball movement. If you continue to rely on one-on-one play, those teams will beat you every time.

Dirk no pass
No, Dirk. You're supposed to pass out of the double team.