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Eastern Illinois def Idaho 65-49
: The Panthers' season mercifully ends, losing 9 of their last 11 games during the season, but you'd think a school that has a picture of
Kevin Duckworth hanging up somewhere would be used to disappointment by now. 31% shooting and one player in double figures from Idaho (Tanoris Shepard with 13), an impressively bad first outing...

Central Michigan def Northern Colorado 68-55: Central Michigan's fight song, which was probably instituted this year, ends with "Win or lose, we're proud of you!", sadly sounding like something lifted from a
pee-wee soccer game. The Chippewas soundly thumped Northern Colorado into the next round, despite having nearly as many turnovers (20) as field goals (23). Chief Travels-Too-Much was unavailable for comment.

Texas State def Texas Christian 57-39: I like TCU already. They found a way to shoot 27% against a team that had 3 wins on the year. Their leading scorer,
Nile Murry, ended up with one point. "Skilled big man" Art Pierce shot 1 for 6 with 4 turns in 14 minutes. This is a team on a mission. 7 years later, Texas State is still reeling from the graduation of Jeff Foster.

UC Riverside def Prairie View A&M 54-37: At the beginning of the season, UCR Riverside coach
David Spencer said the scoreboard is going to need a 3rd bulb from all the scoring his squad was going to do this year. But when your 2nd leading scorer nets 10 ppg on 33% shooting on the year, the 2nd bulb wasn't even getting much use. The Highlanders somehow made short work of Prairie View, but are losing 3 seniors this summer. See you next year. (I love this quote: "The official UCR mascot is 'Scotty,' a Highlander tartan-wearing bear, who attempts to look frightening.")

The real fright is in the UCR Rec Center, around Mid-January.