The NCAA Tourney is good fun, I love watching co-workers swindle each other out of money and hold sincere conversations about Shockers and George Mason University.

But the nation's obsession with frivolous tournaments (and the bitterness following a certain alma mater failing to make aforementioned frivolous tourney after being ranked in the preseason) got me thinking...The Final Four determines the best team in college hoops, the NIT tells us who's the ...33rd best (I think), but how about the worst team in college hoops?

That's where Basketbawful comes in.

Using basketball sim software, the schools with the worst records in each region are actually fighting to get out of the tourney; the loser advances one step closer to the Golden Turd. The Sour 16 is right around the corner...WHO YA GOT?!? (view results)

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