And that should probably tell you how batshit it really is. After all, this is the same guy who thought he could improve a 59-win team that was about two minutes from reaching the NBA Finals by adding chemistry-killing shot mongers like Jason Williams and Antoine Walker. That's like garnishing a steak with moon dust and Smurfs. Sure it's crazy, but it's completey fucked up too.

This just in: Clowns are scary.

Riley doesn't just think the trade makes sense, though. He's freakin' excited about it. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he was humping somebody's leg when he said this:
"I'm going to tell you right now I think they've turned the corner. I really do. I know all of you look at this as one of the worst things going on in New York, but they've accumulated a tremendous amount of talent. That's all I know."
I'm pretty sure he said most of that in English, but it still doesn't make any sense. The Knicks have accumulated a "tremendous amount" of talent? Has he seen the their roster? Here's a quick quiz for you, Pat. Name one Knick player who would start for the Heat. Or the Spurs. Or the Pistons. That's what I thought. Sorry to disagree with you, Riles, but the only corner they've turned is the one that leads to a bloody and brutal fan revolt. And I hope it happens soon. Actually, no I don't. Watching Isiah Thomas broker bad deal after bad deal -- smiling like a gay elf all the while -- is one of the few things that make me happy in this world. And I'm never happy.

Brown suicide
Larry Brown wants to kill himself. But don't worry.
Soon he'll just want to kill Steve Francis.

I'm not buying whatever Riley's selling. Personally, I think he's just secretly glad there's someone in the league who makes worse personnel decisions than he did last summer. Because as long as someone out there is willing to pay Maurice Taylor almost $10 million a year, he can feel a little bit better about paying Antione Walker $7 million a year...for the next...six years...dear god, what has he done...