At 20-33, the Toronto Raptors are 13 games under .500. They're 4th (out of five) in the Atlantic Division and 11th (out of 15) in the Eastern Conference. Yet with 29 games remaining, they haven't been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. This is quite an accomplishment for the Raptors.

To what should we credit this amazing renaissance? The increasingly spectacular play of
Chris Bosh, the first-time All-Star who's establishing himself as a legitimate 20/10 guy? Nope. It's that guy the Raptors traded to the Knicks...what's his name...oh yeah, Jalen Rose! Before his new team faced his old team, Rose had to give credit were credit was due: to himself.
"I think they're hitting a good stretch of basketball and I think I take a little bit of credit because I played in a couple of those games."
Yes, Jalen. It was all you, man. Without you, the Raptors would be, like, 17-36. And they will never forget you for that.

Jalen Rose (pictured left): now making things better in New York.