What is it with people selling the nasty stuff that once rubbed across a basketball player's sweaty body? First it was a bloody piece of gauze that fell out of Adam Morrison's nose, now it's a game-used towel. A dirty, bloody, game-used towel.
"This is a game used towel used in the NBA!! The towel shows AWESOME usage with dirt, sweat and blood stains. Very unique item to add to your sports collection!!"
game-used towel
Okay. That's nasty.

I'm sure this is totally legit, too. Because no one could buy an NBA-licensed towel and cover it with dirt and grime. They don't even bother saying what game it was used in, or, for that matter, who supposedly used it. But forget that insanity. I want to know what sort of crazy freak would buy this thing. No one, apparently. Zero bids so far.