Make sure you come back later tonight and throughout the weekend for BAD, but in the meantime, we have a very special gift for you.

In addition to the All-Star Game, Dunk Contest, HORSE contest, etc. this weekend, there is one more activity that stands above the rest...

Basketbawful presents the 2010 Bawful Null-Star Game, presented by PowerBar, VitaminWater, and of course Sprite and T-Mobile whose names are plastered absolutely everywhere in NBA 2K10.

The home team was selected through a highly sophisticated randomization method (I flipped a coin). The Eastern Conference Null-Stars ended up being declared the home team. The game was played in NBA 2K10 with five-minute quarters because referees could not be expected to stay awake for that long.

The rosters for this game were carefully chosen, with great research put into determining who should best represent the Assocation's large group of lacktators. (Yes, I find this delightfully ironic, considering Chris and I put effort into examining something that is often centered around not expending effort). Most players are current lacktators, but we had to honor some legendary lacktators, such as Mario West and Cheikh Samb. Also, sadly, Cedric "Lacktion II: Electric Boogaloo" Jackson was not eligible since he has played such a short time in only the past couple weeks. (In other words, he wasn't in the game yet and I didn't feel like firing up the Create a Player tool. I had already spent way too much effort creating the teams, picking rosters, filming the game, editing the videos, and uploading them. I'm sure you understand)

Starting for the Eastern Conference Null-Stars:
Dominic McGuire, SF (Bullets)
Darnell Jackson, PF (Crabs)
Fabricio Oberto, C (Bullets)
Mario West, SG (Hawks)
Jeff Teague, PG (Hawks)

The Eastern Conference reserves:
Tarence Kinsey, Jawad Williams, Darko Milicic, Jason Kapono, Desagana Diop, Brian Scalabrine, and Cheikh Samb

Starting for the Western Conference Null-Stars:
Quinton Ross, SF (Mavericks)
Steve Novak, PF (Clippers)
DJ Mbenga, C (Lakers)
Malik Hairston, SG (Spurs)
Sasha Vujacic, PG (Lakers)

The Western Conference reserves:
Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Adam Morrison, Josh Powell, Brian Cardinal, Kyrylo Fesenko, Kosta Koufos, and Sun Yue

In case you're wondering, Jake Voskuhl was the reserve in case any of the players had to miss the Null-Star game due to unforseen circumstances such as injury, a debilitating VitaminWater addiction, getting suspended due to using PEBs (Performance Enhancing PowerBars), or staying home due to general apathy. He did not, however, get to play, and that is sad.

Are you ready to see lots of turnovers and bad jumpers? Watch the whole game below! Calling the action for BawfulTV are Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg, with Cheryl Miller on the sidelines.

(Note: the action picks up and the intensity level rises as the game goes on, of course, but even the first half is worth watching. The entire game is full of comedically bad basketball, including dribbling out of bounds, and a foul on a three-point shot in the first half!)

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter

Box Score:
Lacktion Report:For the Eastern Conference, Brian Scalabrine threw the rock away for a +1 in 3 minutes. For the Western Conference, Brian Cardinal cashed in on his Null-Star status for 4 trillion.

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