Even without Spielberg...still creepy.

For the first time on the trip, I am met with audible amusement when I ask about the presence of a TV. I can almost hear Bill laughing at me from his couch.

On this stop, the first hour is standard procedure:

1. Purchase hot dogs and expensive-but-essential souvenir refrigerator magnet from the combination gift shop-grocery store.

2. Set up tent.

3. Remove sleeping bags, perishables, and used fast food containers from minivan.

Then for the real fun – testing the campground’s WiFi.

At a picnic table beneath the shadow of the massive volcanic neck, I hunch and sweat over my laptop screen like a radio technician during the climax of a submarine movie, Googling countless variations of the term free online TV. For my effort, I am rewarded with grainy video of a sweaty Pau Gasol walking off the TD Garden floor at the end of the first half. After three seconds, the video freezes, then disappears soon after. I suppose I should be grateful for my ephemeral success – I am now armed with the invaluable knowledge that Pau Gasol gets shiny and wet when he plays basketball.

Online radio it is.


The sole advantage of online radio:
not having to look at this homely mug.


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Blogger Evil Ted said...
Rhett's argument - or lack of one - persuaded me.


Blogger Rhett said...

Blogger Rhett said...
p.s. Tomarrow I embark on weeklong road trip with the wife and in laws. Any chance i could borrow that hat as a lucky tailisman of sorts?