Note: According to YouTube, this video has been viewed over 18,000 times. I'm probably responsible for at least 17,500 of those views.

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Blogger Christian Angelo said...
LOL, the background music is priceless.

Anonymous Wormboy2000 said...
Yinka Dare is responsible foe compiling this video!?!?!? Surely this is just a lampoon of his name. Might want to make that clear, just so you don't smear his great name any further.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
christian -- That was a nice touch, wasn't it?

wormboy2000 -- Well, since the real Yinka died three years ago, I'm going to guess that this one is operating under an assumed name. I mean...could there really be another Yinka Dare in the world??

Blogger Jeff said...
The first miss (against the Knicks in the playoffs) is legendary. The ball bounced to near half court.

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