James Posey has a reputation for getting all WWE against the Chicago Bulls. It all started with a stiff hip check on Kirk Hinrich in last year's playoffs, followed up with flagrants against Tyrus Thomas (who missed games with a broken nose) and Luol Deng (who nearly ended up with a broken wrist) this season. Needless to say, Bulls fans don't care for him much.

So, thanks to this, we had no problem whatsoever in firing up a healthy "Posey Sucks" chant several times during Saturday's game. There was even a bit of a hangover in game two! Why is inspiring hate in mass numbers so enjoyable?

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Blogger Evil Ted said...
Having been a first-hand witness to the genesis of this chant, I am imbued with a deep sense of pride watching this video.

Anonymous Nels said...

So, now that the home games are over, where's the best place in Chicago to watch the next 2 games? Your house is not an acceptable answer, unless you're inviting me over.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
ESPN Zone is always a good choice. Franchise establishments such as Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3s to most people) and Smokey Bones are also good. Most bars downtown will be showing the game as well.

I only ask that, wherever you watch the game, please start a chant of "Posey Sucks!" Keep the ball rolling!

Blogger Jesse said...
I was at game 2 of Suns v. Lakers and we got the "Kobe Sucks" going too. Of course getting support for "Kobe Sucks" doesn't take a lot.

A friend and I were joking about printing up some T-Shirts that read, "F&CK K@BE" and selling them in front of the game. We were surprised to see someone else had the same idea, but without the replaced characters.

Blogger Christian Angelo said...

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