Germany has a strange history of turning out crazies with hyper-agressive tendencies: Adolph Hitler, the Red Skull, and Von Kaiser just to name a few. Well, you can now add Dirk Nowitzki to your list of "violent German sociopaths."

Dirk Killer
Is this the face of a killer? Yes.

During the Dallas Mavericks' 102-94 win over the Chicago Bulls, Mr. Diggler used his ice-pick of an elbow to unleash a blitzkrieg on the heads of not one, but two Bulls players. Luol Deng lost a tooth, and Kirk Hinrich received a couple early Christmas gifts labeled "bruised jaw" and "concussion." So Nowitzki cold-cocked two guys in a game his team won. Thanks, dick. I mean, Dirk.

Hinrich Dead
I guess Dirk is still mad we won the war.

The best part of all this? No fouls were called on either play. When a reporter told Dirk later that he'd killed two men that night, the Sour Kraut said, "You hate to see players go down, but injuries are part of the game." Do you think Dirk would be so flippant if he'd gotten a busted tooth, a bruised jaw, and a concussion all in the same game? I don't know either, but hopefully we'll find out at some point this season.