I know, I know. This isn't really basketball-related. But since I haven't started the Footbawful blog yet, it goes here. Now shut up and enjoy your free comedy.

A few weeks ago, crazed football fan Christopher Noteboom ran onto the field during the Philadelphia Eagles' game against the Green Bay Packers to dump his dead mom's ashes. I know what you're thinking, and the answer is: No, Chris is has no relation to this man:

Paul Bearer
As far as we know, Paul Bearer
was not involved in this incident.

As bad as it sounds, it gets worse. This wasn't even the dead woman's final wish. Said Noteboom: "I don't know if that's what she would have wanted, but I know right now that she is absolutely smiling down at me from ear to ear.

Uh, sorry Chris, but that's not quite right. She's actually grimacing up at you from the bottom of some stinky football cleat. And although I didn't know her as well as you did, I'm guessing she isn't real thrilled about it.

Uhm, mom, is that you?