The NBA was looking like it was going to have a real feel good day. The bad guy had been banished, for the first time in decades people approved of an NBA commissioner, and a playoff series for the ages appeared destined for double-overtime.

Then Joey Crawford did this.

We all know that Joey is a self-aggrandizing drama queen, but messing with a guy while he's trying to tie a playoff game in overtime may just have set a new standard for ref dickishness.

Two quotes really capture the moment: the announcer saying, "Durant now, poised at the line, (shrill whistle) with a chance to tie" and Crawford angrily yelling "listen to me".

I can't help but notice Durant's signature shoulder shimmy was missing on his 2nd attempt. 

I'm not saying Joey caused Durant to miss, but it's undeniable that he disrupted the game and caused players, coaches, announcers, and the audience to wonder what the hell he was doing.

This all makes me wonder whether all this attention Sterling got made Joey a little jealous. One way or another, Joey made a bold statement: you can banish one of us pricks, but you can't banish us all. He's right too. The league still has lots of problems. It's easy to point at the bad guy and then feel good afterwards, but the NBA isn't going to be reformed so easily. Yesterday, the world saw the NBA take a big step towards becoming a better league, but it's clear that there is a long, hard climb ahead.

Now if only someone can find a floozy to record some of Joey's private conversations...

Blogger NBA cares..... said...
Joey Crawford,the self satisfying drama queen. One evil NBA douchbag,at a time.