Well, in the wake of George Lucas making more ungodly changes to our favorite classic Star Wars Movies, it appears that Christopher Nolan is joining the can't-leave-well-enough-alone bandwagon. But this time, I think I may actually be in favor of a director's Monday-morning quarterbacking.

Looks like Nolan has made a significant thematic change from the original Inception movie that appeared in theaters. Instead of manipulating a businessman's subconscious to make him want to break up his soon-to-be-inherited energy conglomerate (BOOOOOOOO-RIIING!), Nolan has selected a far more earth-changing "decision" for Leonardo Decaprio and his dream team to alter.

The first teaser trailer had been released, and I for one am pretty damned excited.

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Anonymous JJ said...
Hahaha. That's good stuff. Thanks, ET.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
George Lucas sucks.

This guy breaks it down better than I ever could.

If you haven't seen the review I just linked to- do yourselves a favor and watch all 7 parts. Its spot-on and effin hilarious.

As for you, George Lucas: stop ruining my favorite movies, you bastard!

Blogger Wormboy said...
If you stop and think about it, Lucas hasn't made a quality film since 1983, with The Return of the Jedi. If you're counting, that's 28 years. And no, I don't think weak movies carried solely by CGI qualify. Episodes 1-3 make the fairly weak plotted Avatar look like a best picture winner.

Then again, that appears to be what the public wants. I just read yesterday how six sequel movies made over 5 billion combined this summer. Really?!?!?

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Do you have any idea how much money Lucas will make reselling the "original" trilogy, untouched by his current foolishness?

He's a genius. A genius with no concern for the sanctity of his own work, but a genius nonetheless.


Blogger Wormboy said...
Sure, man. Lucas is an undeniable marketing juggernaut. I'd argue that his love of wealth generation seriously compromised his art for the second half of his career. But how many artists can we say that about, eh? Still, Lucas has taken it to an extreme.

Blogger GonzoPal said...
AK Dave - Yeah spot on it is. Almost forgot about that brilliant breakdown.

Blogger chris said...
Trey Kerby and JE Skeets just linked to this. Good work, ET. :D

any word on eurobasket? i know u dont care about european basketball generally but it is a good chance to see "zaza pachulia" as the star player of one team.

Anonymous Shayan said...

This idea (no pun intended) was done long ago before, in a much more expansive way, combining the whole LeBron-Inception-Decision thing:



Talking about Star Wars, I was so thrilled to share with mi little cousin ( turn 8 last week ) why I love Star Wars so much.

When I saw what Lucas had done with these new version, I freak out. My cousin was "really" enjoying it do, but my face crumble when I saw what these men had done to the masterpiece.

Blogger Mark said...
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