So your team captain has been banned for the rest of the season because he attacked a fan during one of your country's most prestigious basketball tournaments. And this incident also happened to take place during your league's 35th anniversary celebrations. What do you do?

If you're the Burger King Whoppers, you make him your BK Player of the Week! No, really. Check out their Web site...or this screen grab. Take special notice of Arboleda's stats (or lack thereof). Congratulations, Wynne!

PotW 2

I'd been wondering what was up with Arboleda's 'tude, but then I looked at his team bio. Check this out: "Played three seasons from the defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA) under Laguna Lakers (1998-2000)...." That's the problem! He's a former Laker! That explains it.

Thanks to Basketbawful reader Sam for the head's up and the screenshot.

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Blogger Babyshoes said...
I hope they pay those guys a lot, making them wear those stupid jerseys.

Blogger plonden said...
Oh my god! Breaking news!!

The Hawks officially waived Mario West.

Here is the actual picture caption from the AJC article: "The Mario West era came to an abrupt end before practice Wednesday. He was one of three players the Hawks cut to trim the roster to 13 players."

Apparently there was a "Mario West era". Who knew? Well, anyone who reads Basketbawful but otherwise nobody.

Blogger Dan B. said...
This is awesome beyond words.

Blogger chris said...
This really brings new meaning to the "Burger King Angry Whopper" doesn't it?

Blogger chris said...
Ah, the wacky PBA had this awesome attempt at a rules change a few years ago:

Eala was also questioned for his proposed "3-point dunk" for the 2006-07 season. This proposal drew criticism from most PBA coaches and basketball purists, who believe that the league should focus on rules applicable to the international game.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wait he also played for the Lakers? So dude must have a few RINGS too huh?

Anonymous Lucas said...
Wow, Wynne Arboleda is a Filipino cross between Ron Artest and Bruce Bowen. You can find several clips of his dirty play on YouTube. I hope they ban his ass for life.

Blogger chris said...
Crap, looking at the site as of 12:36 PST, they've changed the Player of the Week to teammate Gary David. Grr!

Of course, David has no actual game stats listed, other than some random biographical blurbs...gee.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
we should have a Bawful Player of the Week award this season!
complete with a photoshopped page similar to the one on the whoppers' site!
of course, his gloriously dishonorable performance and stats should be displayed as well

Blogger chris said...
Anonymous: Hey, it might be the only award that someone like Patrick O'Bryant will ever garner, so it's a public service to the unsung lacktators of the world!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
check out the profile of the burger kings' own 'baby shaq'


Blogger chris said...
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Blogger chris said...

I just have to emphasize this mind-blowing segment of the Baby Shaq bio:

Dubbed “Baby Shaq” in the Philippine Basketball League where he played for Granny Goose because of physical resemblance to Phoenix Suns center Shaquille O’Neal particularly the heft except the height and shooting.

So in other words, he'd be more appropriately monikered "Baby Oliver Miller"?