I know what you're saying: "Of course I want hair like Pistol Pete Maravich! But how can a mortal man ever have hair so glorious?"

Well, it's easier than you think. Here's how to do it:

1. Grow your hair nice and floppy.

2. Use Vitalis Dry Control!

Warning: May make you painfully (perhaps even dangerously) 70s.

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Blogger chris said...
"Dangerously 70s" - Kermit Washington?

Blogger BJ said...
Thanks man, now I'm having a Steve Martin as sadistic dentist flash. "Get the Vitalis! Quick, the Vitalis!"

Blogger shayan said...
Is it just me or does Pistol Pete look like Topher Grace aka Eric Forman from That 70's show?

Blogger senormedia said...
Dropped dead at 40 playing pickup ball. If you gotta go...

I'll be thinking of that while I'm playing tonight - I'm a guy in his 40's.

Anonymous cumba said...
what's aimee's last name?

Anonymous Grizzly said...
Anyone see the video of Wynne Arboleda, a player in the Philippine Basketball Association attacking a fan. I would be mad also, if I played for the Burger King Whoppers


Blogger CassavaLeaf.com said...
If Pistol Pete was around we would either think that
A. He is on drugs or
B. He is the gay Polanski

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Mr. Bawful-
It has come to my attention that NBA Players, like everyone else in the world, don't like hanging out with fat kids (or former fat kids- same thing).
Here is the proof:

I think this calls for a word of the day. I'm not sure what it is, but I bet you are.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That hairstyle is totally back tho - look at the young tween/teen boys!!