I found this via Deadspin: A young Chinese girl lost her legs in a car accident and her parents replaced them with...a basketball. And in case you're wondering: I'm being deadly serious here.

Fortunately, she now has prosthetic legs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
the sad part is not that she has a basketball but that its the only thing they could give her..

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That's so sad =(

Blogger Victor said...
Those resourceful Asians! I wonder if we can replace Yao Ming's feet with basketballs when they break down again.

Wow the interesting thing is that she's a swimmer. I wonder how that works but that's pretty damn awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
sweet mother of rodman Dumbgenius!

freakin awesome story

Blogger evan said...
Reggie White approves.

Blogger starang said...
That was a ballzy move by the parents.

They probably bawled for days when this happened.

This story really deflated my day.

She looks like she has a little more bounce to her step now.

She must have had to jump through a lot of hoops to get where she is today.

She looks like she is having a ball though.

She's a real baller in the swimming pool.

I wonder if she is also in the ball room dancing competition?

Thats all I got. I feel like there should be more though. And I also feel that I might be going to Hell.

Blogger starang said...
Her parents really went balls out.

OK, now I'm finished.

Blogger Ignarus said...
This is horrible, but all I can think about is Lebron dunking the baby...