Warriors Media Day Basketball

In case you haven't been keeping up with them -- and shame on you, if that's the case -- here are links to my latest NBA season previews on Deadspin. Harsh yet realistic appraisals! Fun facts! Amusing videos! Shameless self-promotion! (Wait. That's here. Never mind.)

Denver Nuggets
Detroit Pistons
Golden State Warriors
Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers
Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Lakers

Here are the Southwest Division previews organized by CelticsBlog.

dal.gif hou.gif mem.gif noh.gif sas.gif

Dallas Mavericks

Jake Kerr: Mavs Moneyball

Houston Rockets

grungedave and UofTOrange: The Dream Shake

Memphis Grizzlies

Joshua Coleman: 3 Shades of Blue

New Orleans Hornets

Rohan: At the Hive

ticktock6 & mW: Hornets Hype

Ryan Schwan & Ron Hitley: Hornets247.com

San Antonio Spurs

Graydon Gordian: 48 Minutes of Hell

Also see links to all the previews at CelticsBlog.com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I read the Clippers preview. Good stuff on all of them, I coulnd't have written better myself. Actually, if paid, I think I could. But that's not the point, the point is this: They'll probably get better over the next ten years. I mean, they're only being run by a man who slowed down Magic Johnson, and that worked great, right?! Oh......wait a minute.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Did I hear correctly? Is Baylor really suing the Clippers for wrongful termination?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'll just go ahead and say the Stephen Jackson pic constitutes the best Facepalm ever.