That's just wrong. Shawn Kemp's former sidekick Vincent Askew was busted this week for allegedly making sexy time with a high-school girl. Something we don't condone in any way, but we totally understand.

We stumbled upon a re-enactment of the arrest. The part of Askew is expertly played by a 49-year-old baked goods connoisseur, who just happens to be a recently released sex offender. What. No way. (probably NSFW)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
...and he just wanted to recruit her for his basketball team and then go to the beach!

Silly, silly man... didn't his mother teach him that you should never eat (cookies) and then go in the water??

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I ummm, had to turn that video off about 20 seconds into it. I'm assuming that was some kind of joke but I really don't get it.

I'm not offended or anything, it just was highly uncomfortable to watch.

Also, how does one correctly pronounce 37 Point dog-pile beat-down in Spanish?

Blogger Farfa said...
Damn! Did you really need to put that Vanessa Hudgens link? Now I can't stop wanking, dammit!!!

Blogger KNEE JERK NBA said...
'You know what, I really don't want this cookie'- hilarious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Shawn Kemp is playing in Italy. That's awesome.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Unrelated, but I need some sanity and I think a syringe insertion of basketbawful is the cure

On front page of ESPN:

Really? The fact that Kaman is playing for Germany and not not-playing for US is front page worthy?
Really he's some sort of evilawful RWB-hater?
Not to mention the US having 33 foreign born olympians:

Hmm, I just can't stand it when mediaville tries to create a big issue to get the crowd riled up

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did Shawn get a job? I've got to know. I want to buy his jersey!

Can we get a post on this?