You've gotta love this Mountain Dew Code Red commercial sent in by Basketbawful reader AK Dave. It kind of reminds me of the time I blocked the hell out of a 10-year-old's layup attempt during a pickup game. From now on, I will refer to all merciless blocked shots against unsuspecting and/or inferior opponents as "Code Reds."

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Blogger Five Pound Bag said...

Blogger Centrespectre said...
Ha! I remember when I blocked my buddy's girlfriend. A completely meaningless, just for fun game, and she unsuspectingly tried to sneak in a jumpshot in which I came soaring down from the heavens (no really, it seemed that high) and sent her shit into the fence. I felt a little remorse, but it quickly went away as pretty much everyone busted out laughing. She didn't shoot another shot all night. And I wasn't even gaurding her.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I was playing 2-on-2 with my buddy (we were about 25 at the time) with some 15-year-olds at the park a few years back, and this poor kid who really had no idea how he let his buddy drag him away from his playstation to go "exercise" got his shit swatted into the tennis courts by my friend, who just stood there and stared him down with a Charles Oakley-esque face.

I think he wet himself after that. It was so hilarious and so unnecessary- kinda like slamming a ping-pong ball on your baby sister or something. Too funny... good times, good times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
What a classic.

This came out around when I started my high school basketball career in ninth grade. After watching this everybody on the team followed all big blocks with the catchphrase "NO EASY BUCKETS!"

In fact I still say it, too bad code red sucked balls.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Um, so you like stuffed a girl's shot?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Reminds me of the commercial where Kobe swats the shit out of a lil kid's shot. i'll try to find a link

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Found it

Blogger Matías Castañon said...
Gosh, this ad is sick!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Wormboy: werd.

Soresu and anon obviously feel some big pride from lame blocks.

And anonymouse, does it make you feel good to crap all over a kid who barely plays? Here's an idea - play him hard, but encourage him a little. That way he might come back next week, and you would have better games.

Way to go, big guy?

Blogger Centrespectre said...
Prideful? Hardly. Perhaps you missed the part where I explicitly stated "A completely meaningless, just for fun game"
I didn't even re-type that, I just copied and pasted from my earlier post. If you had half a brain cell, you'd understand that mine & anon's stories fit within the mantra of the original post by Matt, which was
"It kind of reminds me of the time I blocked the hell out of a 10-year-old's layup attempt during a pickup game. From now on, I will refer to all merciless blocked shots against unsuspecting and/or inferior opponents as "Code Reds."

So, if you're goig to bust my chops about blocking a girl (who was 20 at the time) and Anon for swatting a 15 year old, then you need to be busting Matt's chops for swatting a 10 year old.

As for encouring kids who step on the court. No. I don't believe in it. If a kid enters a pickup game against older players, he knows what he's getting into and getting his ass handed to him, will only make him stronger. There's a time for mentoring and pickup games aren't that time. That's why father/son time was invented for "hoops" in the driveway or neighborhood park.
You're disrespecting the kid when you play to his level. He didn't join your game so you'd play easy. He joined because he wanted to run with the big boys.

Un-pussify yourself son.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want to play with the big boys, play like a big boy. Nobody ever "encouraged" me when I played against guys way bigger/stronger/faster who dunked on me. I've been "code red"ed myself. It's part of life. I'm sure that kid who got his stuff sent back the hell where it came from went on to live a perfectly normal life.

People- kids too- don't need coddling and just because you run the race doesn't mean you should get a trophy. Part of sports is dealing with losses and figuring out how to be an adult and come back stronger when you get your inevitable ego-ectomy.

As soresu so aptly put it: "Un-pussify yourself son."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And we wonder and complain about the state of pickup ball and the chumps who play it. I never said let him win - just make it worth his time to be there.

Want a great example? Read bawful's post about his ex-girlfriend'd dad. He's not a pussy, but he sure as hell didn't "stare him down with an Oakley-esque face."