Today's beefcake surprise is getting slopped onto your plate lunch lady-style by Basketbawful readers Wesley and Jimmy P. Wesley said: "I just saw this picture of LeBron's monster dunk at the end of game 4. KG has a huge handful of man-meat." Remember, Wes: Size is entirely subjective. Is it a "huge handful" or just a "huge hand"? it both?

Jimmy P said: "TrueHoop's article aside, don't you think this picture would be good for man love? I mean, as much as I hate that people call him King James, KG is all up in his royal jewels." Well, as Tom Withers pointed out: "The Cavaliers were awed by James' stuff." And I guess KG was too.

Bron package love

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Look at The Truths face in the background. He is all like "aw guys... leave the touching for the locker room... please...". On the other side maybe its his face for "o man, KG has huge hands and still ...". Its just hard to tell.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Giving new meaning to the terms "Hand Check" and "Hard 'D'"

Blogger Christian Angelo said...
Dude, check out KG's lip. It seems like he's ready to smooch LBJ in the nipples! LOL

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I dont believe it, nash continues his playoff run:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
any comments on defensive teams? camby? battier?

update: kg looks to be playing some tuff D in this pic! sike lbj is still shooting terribly