Kobe quote

Beware the Mamba's forked tongue...and his desire for bukkake: "If we were going to go down with him shooting, I wanted to make sure he was shooting in my face." Yowza. I'm pretty sure I heard Jenna Jameson say that once.

Thanks to Big Tuna for spotlighting this quote.

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Blogger Tristan said...
HAHAHA desire for bukkake, priceless hahaha the greatest basketball player alive going all X-Man McDaniel on us. That statement from the MVP ranks right up with X-Man's story--captured in the Larry Bird: A Basketball Legend DVD--about how the immortal Larry Legend "shot a shot right in my (Xavier's) face" for the game-winner against the Sonics back in '88 or '89. Anyway, gross on both counts hahaha.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I hate Basketbawful for hating on my man Kobe but that quote was hilarious! Hahaha!