For somewhere north of 50 bucks, you can own a genuine McFarlane of Michigan State's Magic Johnson (doing his best Wilt Chamberlain impression, apparently) a split second away from sending a jumper by Indiana State's Larry Bird straight down Larry's throat.

I wonder -- if the outcome of the game had been different, would Magic still look like a more muscular Bill Russell? And would he still have arms that look like they belong on Optimus Prime?



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Anonymous Anonymous said...
It looks like Larry is trying to shoot a free throw and Magic is telling him a fish story...

"I swear Larry, it was THIS big!"

That, or he's trying to catch a falling piano.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah, well if Indiana had won that game, Magic would've just stayed an extra year to win it the next year. Meaning he never has that clutch playoff performance of 42,15,6 or whatever it was.

And that fish story seems feasible.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
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