Just when we thought the whole "White Men Can't Jump" deal was finally about to blow over.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
how did he still get 3's and 4's??
is 3 the lowest score you're allowed to give????

Anonymous Anonymous said...
First thoughts:

1. Is she married to Shawn Bradley?

2. Wife Beater! Does he call the dunk "the Jason Kidd?"

3. She was inside the semi-circle!!! No charge!!!

4. Nate Robinson would have tried that one another 21 times in the next 2 minutes.

5. The guy who gave him a two is Russian!!! That's a three in my book!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What I love so much about this awful "dunk" is that he turns sideways, indicating that he wasn't even TRYING to jump over her! Hip-check straight to the face!