In a highly prestigious ceremony only done approximately 2,323 other times, Lakers owner Jerry Buss was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last week. In addition to Magic, Kareem, AC Green and other Lakers, Buss was greeted with an entourage that consisted of that rapper from the "Girls Gone Wild" videos (Snoop Dog), a syphilitic whore (Paris Hilton), Tom Arnold (no explanation needed) and other B-list celebrities who saw this as a respectable photo opportunity. In an unrelated story, Hollywood Squares tapings were cancelled for the day.

Why Basketbawful hates the Lakers (Short Version): The Lakers' evolution from the irresistibly likeable "Showtime" era into something completely despicable culminated sometime during 1999. Shaq was in the prime of his "bad-guy" years, being surly, arrogant and unintelligible at every possible opportunity. Shaq was flanked by an aging sanctimonious hippie (Phil Jackson) and two selfish shooters with bad haircuts (Kobe and Glen Rice). Throw in an inexplicably clutch role-player (Robert Horry), a Canadian (Rick Fox), a stand-up comedian (John Salley), Ice Cube (Devean George), and a Flopologist (Derek Fisher), and you have the NBA equivalent of Star Wars:Episode 1: undeniably successful, but a complete bastardization of everything you loved about the original. And then Shaq took credit for ending the career of Rik Smits after beating the Pacers in the 2000 Finals. The Lakers are dead to us.