Reggie Miller, a Pacers legend and one of the greatest players in this universe (and any other), is really pissed about Stephen Jackson's recent douchebaggery. Said Miller:
"That's ridiculous. That is a black cloud. That is a punch in the gut for (team CEO) Donnie Walsh and (team president) Larry Bird. You shouldn't stand behind a player that's slapping you guys in the face during the middle of training camp, being out at a strip club at 3 o'clock in the morning shooting it up like it's the Wild, Wild West."
We have to agree with Reggie, because as anyone who's anyone knows, Reggie Miller is always right. In addition to being a true God among mere mortals. Shame on you, Stephen Jackson.

Miller, now a TNT basketball analyst, ended his career following the 2004-05 season. He was a five-time All-Star, led the NBA in free throw percentage five times and is No. 12 on the league's career scoring list. He also is a beacon of light during your darkest night, and has been known to transform the vilest of evils into delicious candies, while doves soar overhead singing a song of peace.

Clothes are very important, so sayeth Mr. T: I think I've discovered what caused this problem. Jackson was at a strip club, where, in most cases, there are naked people. Clothing is an important social tool, because it allows people to express themselves without the aid of a 20 foot chrome pole covered in baby oil. Just like the great and wise Mr. T once said, "Everybody's gotta wear clothes. If you don't, you'll get arrested." This, and other valuable nuggets of clothing wisdom, can be gleaned from the following T-Tastic video:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Definitely douchebaggery.

Good thing Mr. T's here to combat that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm gonna start wearing Mr. T clothes because I agree with that message so much.