This entry is in no way basketball related, but I just had to post the trailer for "Grind House," the soon-to-be-released double horror movie by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. If you are a fan of melodramatic exposition, hellacious explosions, and totally gratuitous violence -- and how could you not be -- this is the movie for you. It is virtually guaranteed to recalibrate the Scale of Awesome Kickassity. Or, as my buddy Greg put it, "There is absolutely no possible way this movie can NOT be the new summit of Mt. Badass." 'Nuff said.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That shit was ballin'.

I liked the lady with the grenade launcher for a leg.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That's a really bizarre coincidence because I wanted to share that trailer, and really considered putting it on my site, but in the end decided not to. Your form makes me regret it, sir.