Seriously. What are you waiting for? Go to Deadspin and watch the horror. Like, right now. And just for fun, here's the best picture of Luke Walton ever.

Note: Luke Walton isn't acting in this picture. He enjoys being the "white stuff" in an "Oreo cookie." He also likes "long walks" on "the beach." Okay, I'm "done."

Walton kiss

Subliminal Extra: Okay. I promised myself I wouldn't comment on Team USA's loss to the Greek National Team. But we all should have seen this coming. The biggest weakness of our previous two national teams was the lack of consistent three-point shooting. Then -- shock of shocks -- we put together another team that lacks a premier outside scoring threat. And no, Kirk Hinrich doesn't count. And for those of you who think that things would have been different if Kobe had been there, I'd like to point out he's a career 33 percent shooter from beyond the arc (and he shot 34 percent last season). Now if Ray Allen or Michael Redd had been on the team...

Okay. I'm really done this time.
Is that Karl Malone? WTF?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That's the worst acting I've ever seen in the history of WESTERN CIVILIZATION!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Team USA shot 37% from 3 pt land and 51% overall, compared to 31% and 46% at the 2004 Olympics. The game they lost this year was because of defense - Greece shot 62% and 44% 3s.

Howard/Brand/Bosh had been getting a good amount of minutes providing inside presence. In the Greece game their minutes were way down. USA lost the lead and then Coach K gave up on the whole team concept and tried to rely on the scorers. No way should have Greece been able to have their way with USA's defense, but I guess that can happen when Coach K has 6'8" guys playing PF and Center.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah, no kidding about the needing a real shooter. And a coach that knows the international game. And a real big man (or two) besides just Dwight Howard(Miller doesn't count).
Kobe, Amare, Marion, and a really good shooter, and throw in some Paul Pierce perhaps...
Oh yeah. And a head coach who will make adjustments instead of just stubbornly sticking with one game plan. Knowing the international game wouldn't hurt. Coach D'Antoni, anyone?

But yeah, that is seriously the most homosexual picture of NBA players ever. Luke's soooo enjoying that.