off the heezay (of thuh he'-zee) noun. A streetball move in which the offensive player places the ball on or throws it off of the defender's head before retrieving it and cutting to the basket.

Word Trivia: Although the move can be wildly entertaining when executed by skilled players on the streetball circuit or an AND1 mixed tape, it is actually quite annoying when employed during an actual pickup game. Unfortunately, more and more urban youths (many of which are decidedly UNskilled) try to use maneuvers like the off the heezay because they think they're streetballers. The off the heezay is second only to the "dribble the ball between the defender's legs" move for causing turnovers and broken plays in pickup leagues and health clubs across the country.

How It's Done: According to
HoopsVibe, the off the heesay (which they refer to as "off da heezay") is executed as follows:
1. Dribble low and fast to draw the defense toward you.

2. When they crouch into the defensive position, straighten up and throw the ball gently off their forehead.

3. Catch the ball and continue dribbling.

Videographic Extra: Here's a rather amusing example of the off the heezay I found on YouTube.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
basketball at it's absolute worst... I'd much rather watch Tim Duncan shoot spot-up bank shots from 2 steps past the box for a thousand hours straight with Paris Hilton's new song playing on repeat in the background and being force fed sun-dae(the sausage-type food made out of human intestines that North Korean refugees on CNN said they were forced to eat) than watch some fuck'n kid throw a ball off someone else's head as a pathetic, disgraceful attempt at playing the sport of basketball

Anonymous Anonymous said...
fuck you anonymous. you old-ass hate-spewing bitch.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Some of the stuff the kids in AND1 do is pretty comical. However, it is 99.9% traveling/carrying and ruins the integrity of the move. A good move is only good if it would fly in a real game. This heezay thing is always a carry or travel. Therefore, it is an automatic turnover. What good is that?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's not a carry because you dont pick it up then continue dribbling. You pick it up, pass, tan continue dribbling.