..after fighting through two sprained ankles, a sprained thumb, a sprained ring finger, a sore hamstring, getting tagged in the balls by Avery Johnson, and then using the Mav's final timeout, essentially costing his team a chance at a last second shot to win game 5...does bad karma just follow Josh Howard around? He's starting to remind me of that old Tex Avery cartoon with the black cat and the whistle...

..and do you wonder if Josh's flight back to Dallas was anything like Jay Feely's?

..when the Mavs desperately needed a scoring punch off the bench to offset Stack's suspension, why did Marquis Daniels and Keith Van Horn turn into Sue Richards and Claude Rains, respectively?

..wasn't it just a tad ironic that Stack was still in the bumpers before the commercial breaks?

..do you wish the Heat would win the Finals, only so 'Zo will retire and spare us from that infuriating fist-pump every time he does something right, whether it be a dunk or a successful inbounds pass?

..was that missed backcourt call nearly impossible to discern on TV? Do you think ref Joe DeRosa would've been more in the wrong by not calling either Terry's or Nowitzki's ticky tack fouls on Wade on that drive? Doesn't two iffy fouls equal one real foul?

..will you not be surprised if Dirk gets fined for abusing that poor little excercise bike after the game 5 loss? Dirk, Tony Little just crossed you off his Christmas card list.

..do you wonder if Erica Dampier gets any satisfaction from watching Shaq go 13-44 at the line?