Wilsonburger (wil'-suhn-bur'-guhr) noun. A blocked shot that is forced back into the face of the offensive player, thus forcing him to "eat" it.

Usage example: Tim Duncan fed the Grizzlies a steady diet of Wilsonburgers last night.

Word History: When
Bill Russell entered the NBA in the late 1950s, he revolutionized the way defense was played. In particular, he turned the blocked shot into an art form. And while Russell certainly didn't invent the blocked shot, he dramatically changed the way it was used -- both to intimidate the opposition and to initiate a fast break. So proficient was Russell at sending back an opponent's shots, his Celtic teammates began referring to his blocks as "Wilsonburgers" (the Wilson brand basketball was the official basketball of the NBA at that time). Now that Spalding makes the official NBA game ball, blocked shots should be referred to as "Spaldingburgers." You can still use "Wilsonburger" when discussing college hoops (the NCAA still uses Wilson brand balls), and many gyms and pickup leagues use Wilson, so the term may apply there as well.

Bill Russell serves up another Wilsonburger,
keeping the hot side hot and the cool side cool.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
We've (Who's we? What do you care?) often called blocks a "Spalding Sandwich."

Mmm... sandwich.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
My only problem with "Spalding Sandwich" is that is sounds too potentially healthy, and therefore not demeaning enough. Thanks to the fact that 96.1 percent of the people in this country are sloshing pork monsters, twisted food scientists have created the low-fat, heart healthy sandwich. Whereas hamburgers are almost universally UNhealthy. We like to gravitate toward the most negative connotation possible. I'm sure you understand, mysterious stranger from afar.

Blogger Ignarus said...
I'm reading these comments because "Wilsonburgers" resurfaced as a word of the day. In addition to the WOTD, I now plan to find a way to re-use "sloshing pork monsters" as well :)

Blogger chris said...
The ultimate SPM: Oliver Miller?