letdown game (let'doun gam) noun. A game in which a player or team submits a lackluster performance immediately following a previous game in which they either put on a dazzling exhibition or pulled off a dramatic win.

Usage example: The Pacers suffered through a letdown game last night, and the Nets shredded them by the score of 90-75.

Word Trivia: The 2006 NBA Playoffs have already provided two picture perfect examples of the dreaded letdown game:

Example 1 -- After stealing the Nets' home court advantage in Game 1, the Pacers played like the walking dead, disgracing the game of basketball and getting blown out in Game 2. Let's hope the 20/20 Rule goes into effect for Game 3.

Example 2 -- Lebron James had a triple double in his playoff debut, and the journalists and sports bloggers of the world were frothing at the mouth. I actually read one jibbering crazy predict that Lebron might be the first person in history to average a triple double throughout the playoffs. Uh, guys, it was one game. Predictably, the furor proved a little premature, and Lebron followed up his dream game with a nightmare performance: 7-for-25 shooting (including 1-for-6 in threes) and 10 turnovers. Not surprisingly, Cleveland lost the game and homecourt advantage.

People tend to forget: basketball players are human, and no NBA team, no matter how great, has ever gone undefeated. Lebron will come back, and the Pacers will beat the Nets. Seriously.

letdown game
Don't worry, Lebron. It was just a letdown game. We hope.