matador defense (mat'-uh-dor' de'-fens) noun. A lackluster, low-effort form of defense in which the defender simply reaches for the ball and then quickly pulls his hand away -- similar to how a matador pulls his cape out of the way of a charging bull -- as the offensive player drives by him for an easy shot at the hoop.

Usage example: Vlade Divac wasn't just the master of the flop, he was also an expert in playing matador defense.

Word History: The term "matador defense" was coined by
Chick Hearn, the Lakers' long-time and legendary play-by-play man. Hearn revolutionized color commentary with his rapid fire, staccato broadcasting style and is credited with creating many of basketball's most well-known and enduring phrases. Some of the most famous Chick-isms include "slam dunk," "air ball," and "no harm, no foul."

matador defense
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Wasn't Tito Santana Intercontinental Champ of the AWA?

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"Don't give me any of that ole bull shit."

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