heat check (heet chek) noun. An occasion on which a basketball player takes a questionable (i.e., bad) shot in order to determine how "hot" he is, usually after hitting several shots in a row.

Usage example:
After hitting on his last six shots, Paul Pierce did a heat check by launching an off-balance 25-footer with a defender in his face.

Word Trivia: I can sort of accept it when a superstar does a heat check. I mean, guys like
Lebron James and Paul Pierce dominate their team's offense and are very likely to get on a roll. But everybody and his brother does a heat check these days. Some players (::coughDamonJonescough::) will hit exactly one shot in a row and then do a heat check on their very next offensive possession. Look people: hitting one shot does not mean you're hot. Even when you think you're the best shooter in the world.

heat check
I found this during an image search for "heat check,"
and, frankly, it was too laughable not to include.
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hahah that is one sweet image. Sorry you failed the quiz :( ... Guess you didn't watch enough tv as a kid..

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that pic is hilarious!

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check out the score, don't hate... she's en fuego.

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The originator of the heat check.