In a move that makes no sense to me, rising-star Carmelo Anthony and over-the-hill rocker Gene Simmons have officially teamed up. But before you get a mental image of Carmelo dressed in drag and full makeup -- damn, too late!! -- let me assure you that Anthony isn't joining Kiss. And Simmons, most assuredly, is not joining the NBA. No, they're sponsoring an IndyCar Series driver together.

Carmelo and Kiss: A...winning...combination?

Basketball, rock music, and, that goes together better than a 5-year-old, broken glass, and a Zippo. How in the world did these two guys team up? Apparently, they met through mutual friends. I can only guess that Carmelo was doing charity work at a Senior Citizens Community Center and ran into Ace Frehley or something.

Supposedly, this budding entrepreneurial relationship has made Carmelo a Kiss fan. Sort of.
"Now I [listen to Kiss]. I never really listened to them (before). Just seeing their merchandise and listening to them here and there [has given him an appreciation]."
Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Well, it'll be interesting to see if this relationship goes the way of the Usher/Cavaliers union. Actually, I'd be surprised it ended that well.

Merchandistastic Extra: Carmelo's official Web site has a
store that sells "Melo Gear." One of the things you can buy there is a Carmelo Anthony Jack-In-The-Box. It's signed by Carmelo and is touted as "a perfect way to start any Carmelo collection." Which is 100 percent correct, if you want your collection to totally suck ass.

Carmelo jackinthebox
A Carmelo Anthony Jack-In-The-Box? But...why? Why?!