By now, most people know about how American celebrities love to do silly commercials on Japanese television...with awesome results. Heck, I can't get through a day without saying "Vroom vroom, party starter!" and doing the robot. And although this Dunlop tire commercial starring Dennis Rodman (circa 1997) didn't make's list of the most ridiculous celebrity cameos in Japanese ads, it's still mildly to moderately amusing.

As an added bonus, here's a rather bizarre American commercial in which -- inexplicably -- Mike Ditka, Jim McMahon, William "The Refrigerator" Perry and Dennis Rodman argue over which one of them is the real...Diana Pearl? No, that's not a typo. After watching it, I'm going to have to name Rodman the winner. If any of them is Diana Pearl, it's definitely him.

Okay, okay. Last one, I swear. In this commercial, we discover that Dennis Rodman had MVP feet. Seriously.

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Anonymous the_ouskull said...

You totally b*tched out there.



Seriously though, you probably made the right decision, for which I applaud you, because I know that I'd have likely pulled a Dave Chappelle "when keepin' it real goes wrong" and gotten the sh*t beaten out of me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been following the livin' large series closely as an alum. Is there any accounts of the current basketball coach? I believe he would have been there during this time, correct? 02 grad

Blogger Fishy said...
Some guy on uses the quote "I'm just sayin just as much as u do. And has the same sense of humor naturally. I'm just sayin'!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anon - I can safely say that Bawful has no stories of our current coach. It's sad, but there you are.

Blogger Diesel824 said...
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