For those of you who enjoyed Basketbawful and my first attempt at a podcast, here now is our second installment. In this 33-minute episode, you'll get a recap of our favorite 2009 and all-time playoff series, a sneak preview of next year's Chicago Bulls slogan, and a preview of the Finals (Yeah, we know the Finals have already started - fuhgetabout it).

If you were wondering if we would be able to match the unbridled greatness of our first podcast, here now is the answer - a resounding "Eh, the novelty has kinda worn off." Just kidding. We're still awesome.

Since podcast hosting sites have proven unreliable, I'm using a file sharing site.

Evil Ted



Anonymous Anonymous said...
About LeBron not even calling a Magician and congratulating them, do NBA players (or at least the superstars) have eachother's numbers? Don't get me wrong, I don't care if LeBron storms off the court or not. I'm more curious about the typical day-to-day things an NBA player goes through. Like, do they have weekly corporate-speak training? The NBA cares! They really do! Screw you, David Stern! Ok, sorry, but do they really have eachother's phone numbers? Anyone have any insight?

Lakers won by too easily tonight. Magic win on Sunday. They win in 6.

Oh, and Magic Johnson doesn't have HIV - never did. He was blackmailed into saying he has HIV. The US government was going to lock up his family unless he agreed to being their HIV/AIDS role model. Just thought y'all should know the truth.

Blogger Will said...
In that Bulls jingle it should say "Jerome James, Fuck you"

Also, who is the man who does the podcast intro/exit? He sounds like Kane from Kung-Fu (RIP).

Blogger Unknown said...
I havent had a chance to listen yet, but I want to say that this is a great site. I have only been reading for less than a week and now this is one of my must "read" sites.

Thanks again. Go Bulls, Bears, shoot all Chi-town sports teams!!


Blogger Unknown said...
Great site!! I stumbled across Basketbawful while laughing my ass off at and have never looked back.

Thanks again. Darrin

Blogger Evil Ted said...
Will -

The announcer is a higher up with a sense of humor who works in the office with Basketbawful and myself.

If you know anyone who needs a David Carradine voiceover imitation, let me know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Please do - Ted specializes in celebrity erotosphyxiation voices.